Born in Houston, Texas, Katy Rea's The Urge That Saves You (2022) is a hook-filled, fully live record that provides plenty of stories to cling to while splitting off into cinematic, dark psychedelia. Craving creative independence, Katy learned the art of recording and mixing and is now an engineer at Brooklyn's Black Lodge Recording. Her production co. is called Dying is Done

She is in the depths of creating her second album of originals and recording friends' projects. She regularly plays live with her band: Ethan Kogan, Andrew Forman, and Ian Kenselaar.
 “Her record (The Urge that Saves You) sounds wonderful, yet equally, it’s lyrically intriguing. Katy’s vocals are like the middle ground of Angel Olsen and Erin Durant. This feels like a record of great progress for Katy, a sense that as we’re discovering more about her music, she’s discovering more about herself, about who Katy Rea is and crucially where she’s going next, for Katy Rea the future might just be thrilling. -For the Rabbits

"With 'Lord Try' Rea lets us into her deepest musings on love, acceptance, innocence and lots more of the Big Questions, but does so with a gusto that reveals a true songwriting bravery." -Beats Per Minute

"With 'Happiness' Rea hits all the right notes, balancing between subtle snaking hooks, gorgeously lush production, and intimate confessional songwriting." -Under the Radar